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*I give up on resizing these to make them all similar size. Deal With It - Rapunzel (Icon) 

So, these are the pictures I go and look at to calm me down when I go into modes like the mode mentioned in my previous journal. All of it is awesome, and the creators should feel awesome.

And yes, I'm putting everything down in a separate little thingumabob (it's a word, bugger off) so I can write about the awesomeness.

Let's start it off with the most epic tutorial I've ever seen. Seriously, just go check it out. It's fantastic.
Teutron's Tutorial on Everything by Teutron

This just makes me so happy. It's a Yogscast reference, for those that don't know. It's wonderful and fantastic and may be one of the things that got me through...  :angry:biology:angry: 
Simon's Derpybird by MitsukiTachiba

This. Just appreciate the epic. The first time I saw it, I absolutely loved it. It's pretty frickin fabulous.
the GaMERCaT - DANCE OFF by celesse

Now we've got a whole series of epic, known as Corgscast. If you can't appreciate it just by the title, get out. Unless you don't even know what Yogscast is, and are wondering what the hell a Corgscast is. Then go look, because I'm pretty damn sure it's the greatest thing since sliced bread.
First, a link to the gallery so you can look at them allllllllllllllllll:…
Corgscast: Thaumcraft by soyrwoo Corgscast: Spruce Moose by soyrwoo Corgscast: Portals by soyrwoo

This entire series as well, but this page in particular gets to me every single time. It's definitely worth a read. The whole series, too.
Minecraft: The Awakening Ch2. 23 by TomBoy-Comics

Yeah, I've got over fifty pages of favorites. There's going to be a lot more art here. Go take a break, come back, and keep appreciated the awesome.

And, continuing on! Appreciate it. -death stare-
This one should make everybody smile, because it's simply fantastic. That is all.
Pinkie Pie Meme Graffiti by ShinodaGE

And, because it's great, we can all appreciate this lovely piece of art.
NSYAC - Listening In by TomPreston

This manip was made by an awesome person who I dearly miss, and depicts two of our characters. I absolutely positively think it's fantastic, and it definitely deserves its spot here.
Everything Has Changed by ElementalMare

There are a lot of these I could choose from, but I've narrowed it down to this one. And maybe another one later. Or two. Or all of them. Sorry, what?
Sips n' Sjin : Tekkit  Episode 39 by Nina-Serena

I just love this. Looking back, I'm surprised I haven't looked at it more.
I will kill you with comics by DelusionInABox

I'm now almost halfway through my main favorites gallery. I've already gone through the other parts, don't worry. :P Also, my internet is being a dick. Just in case you were curious. Go take a break from the awesome, and come back to see some more!

Let's get some Welcome to Night Vale up in here! We'll get to the feels images later, so we'll currently start with a few.
This. Just appreciate how fantastic and epic this is. Especially those of you who like Welcome to Night Vale.
interns wanted patch by LaRoseEatsYou

Yup. Now wait until feels. Anyways, next!
There's these two. There are others as well, but these two are by far my favorite! They're great!
YOGSCAST Sips by CrystalBluePuppy YOGSCAST Sjin by CrystalBluePuppy

E.P.I.C. That is all.
Sips and Sjin color by Joierickard

I haven't looked at this in a while either. Shame on me! It's another picture that helped me through... :angry:biology:angry: 
Another DayZ, Another Mishap by PinoydKiba

Oh. My. God. This is fantastic, and it's hilarious, and it's great!
Data's a bit TOO gullible by Deus-Nocte

Oh, looks like it's about that time again! Go take a break from the awesome, and I'll still be here when you get back!

Yes, it's my own art. I have no shame. Since this isn't a feels piece for me, I'm going to post it here before going on to the feels piece. It just makes me happy, okay?!
Ghost Town Train by XtremeMystery

I recently watched the Voltz series, and this image is absolutely perfect. It's just great. And it gives me feels.
YC: Voltz 25 by S-Trange

Holy mother of feels. This gets me every frickin time I look at it.
welcome to night vale - trophy by verilyvexed

I swear there's one more somewhere... I don't know where it went!
Found it!

Feels. Weird feels, but still feels. Okay?
Yogscast AU: The Batter complete by Zanith Yogscast AU: The Batter by Zanith

That concludes this session! If you're still looking, you're awesome! If not, shame on you. Not that you'd actually know that I've said shame on you, because you haven't read this far. In fact, I shouldn't even be referring to you as you, but I'm going to anyway. Because screw it.

So, go check out these awesome artists and images!


Pervelski, GonnaFly
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I'm the one who shall remain nameless. I am a painter, a sketcher, a drawer, a manipulationist/graphicist, and I know my way around on GIMP. Tada... Yeah, I'm boring. Get over it.

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